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Increasing YOUR Live Answer Rate

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Since the New Telecom Laws (Stir/Shaken) went into effect, your legitimate business calls may be flagged as SPAM likely. Although the intention is to give Americans more confidence that the caller ID information they receive is accurate, there has been an industry-wide decline in the live answer rate.

By enacting Stir/Shaken and other legislation, unidentified and/or unwanted calls are being flagged and answered at a lower rate. Carriers must be confident that the party originating the call has the right to use the number. This is called "Attestation." The impact has been Call Recipients are accepting fewer calls BUT spending more time on trusted and desired calls.

So, how do we combat a decrease in the live answer rate?

  1. Register your phone number at (click link)

  • The Free Caller Registry is a tool that allows companies making legitimate outbound calls to establish trust with the analytics services that support the major US wireless carriers. It provides critical data that helps affirm that your calls are valid and should go through to subscribers with a limited risk of being flagged.

  • The submission includes the numbers you would like registered, plus basic information about your company and calls including: Company Name, Address, Phone, Email, Contact Person, and Category (e.g. Financial Services, Real estate, Law, etc.).

2. Employ best-practice dialing behaviors

  • Do not participate in behavior that could be perceived as fraudulent or suspicious (calling in the wrong local time zones, triple dialing, hanging up)

  • Use SmartCalls Dialer disposition automation to diversify communications via email and/or SMS text (Texting is available by accessing SmartCalls Dialer through your smartphone browser.)

3. Make your calls on the days and hours with the highest answer rates

  • Review your work week, and protect the days proven for the best call outcomes.

  • Arrange your hourly schedule to ensure you are calling at peak answer times.

What happens after my company and numbers are submitted?

There are three Analytics Engines that support the major US carriers. Each will vet the information independently and may contact you at the primary phone number provided to verify the registration. The speed of verification tends to vary by engine, but approvals or rejections typically take 24-48 hours. Whoever submits the registration is notified when the verification is complete, along with additional guidance or information that may be needed for approval.

Will approval eliminate “Spam Likely” flags?

Analytics Engines still weigh other criteria (complaints and blocked numbers, for example) so approved numbers can still occasionally be flagged. Additionally, submissions support the reputation of your phone numbers to calls placed to subscribers of the three major US carriers - AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint, and Verizon. Calls placed to subscribers outside of these networks will not be impacted.

That said, approvals substantially enhance the reputation of your numbers and should dramatically reduce your risk of being incorrectly flagged.

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