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How to avoid being marked as Spam

In order to protect phone service subscribers from an increasing number of scam phone calls, carriers and third parties have developed tools to identify and flag suspicious numbers. When a person is called by one of these numbers that have been flagged by the carrier or service they use, they will see a message that says “Scam Likely” included with the caller ID.

We use the “Caller ID Verification” protocol to avoid this issue and have found from other users that it is a very seldom occurrence. Unfortunately, it is possible for legitimate businesses to have their numbers flagged in this way. Below is information that helps our users navigate these challenges.

Some steps you can take to avoid problems with Scam Likely

  1. Ask your customers to save your number - Some third-party scam block apps will block unknown numbers. Asking users to save your number will ensure you reach them successfully.

  2. Use good call practices / don’t give call recipients a reason to be upset - Because many numbers get flagged based solely on reports from call recipients, managing their perception of your calls can be important. Try to avoid calling the same person multiple times a day.

  3. Use a different valid Caller ID - This may not always be practical, but using different numbers can help avoid anyone number being flagged by anti-scam algorithms looking for high volume numbers.

What to do if your number is marked as Scam Likely

While this has not been confirmed that this method will work, these links will allow you to potentially remove a Spam label. Please be aware that we are not affiliated with these companies.

Disclaimer: The factors contributing to numbers being flagged are ever-evolving, and often, vary by carrier. Additionally, recommended actions to safeguard against or respond to flags are evolving as well. We cannot guarantee the applicability of this information to your particular situation, so due diligence is recommended.

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