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Appointment Reminder Safeguards

The SmartCalls Dialer is designed to help you not only schedule appointments with your clients, but to make sure you meet with them, make your scheduled follow-up calls, and show up for a virtual meeting. You can get text reminders directly to your cell phone by setting up Mobile Alerts and email reminders from your SmartCalls Dialer calendar.

Step 1: Open your SmartCalls Dialer and click on the top right icon drop-down menu. Select "My Account."

Step 2: You will be directed to the Settings page. Click on "Mobile Alerts Setup" on the left column menu.

Step 3: Click on the "here" link to find your phone's email address to get instant text alerts.

Step 4: Type your mobile phone number in the bar and select your mobile carrier using the drop-down menu. Once both items have been completed, click on the "Generate Mobile Email" button.

Step 5: Your mobile device email will appear in the bar. Click "Save Changes."

Step 6: Click on "System Alerts" from the left column menu. Click on the boxes under Mobile.


You can also set a DEFAULT REMINDER on your SmartCalls Dialer calendar. (You do not need to have your calendar synced with Google. The reminder will come from the Dialer and not Google.)

Open your calendar and click on the spoke wheel to access your calendar settings.

Scroll down to the "Default reminder" section and using the drop-down menu, select the time you refer to receive your reminder. Make sure you SAVE your changes.


You can also send a reminder to YOURSELF by selecting a time in the "Add Event" pop-up window. Be sure to SAVE your selection. (Send Appt Email goes to the client.)

We hope these added tools will keep you up to date with your schedule and make you more efficient with your time.

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