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The Art of Prospecting

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

SmartCalls is a system or a process that assists field agents, their administrators, or appointment setters in becoming more efficient and effective simply by replacing the traditional way of reaching out to its members.

Historically, the definition of Prospecting meant “Explorers would search a region for gold”. For you, this means you are searching your data base for members that might be open to meeting with you to learn more about your insurance products as it relates to their needs and budget.

Impetus simply means“The force or energy with which something actually occurs”. Basically, we are replacing deficiencies with positive force and energy which creates, for us, the “Path of Least Resistance.” In layman’s terms, with an efficient process in which to reach our members, we can now afford to call and build rapport with every one of our members individually without the fear of wasted time and effort.

Prospecting is not rocket science, but there is an art to it. Allow me to explain using the analogy of my favorite sport...Baseball!

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