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Relationships in a Selfish World

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." Ephesians 4:2 NIV

How can we create long-lasting and exciting relationships that unveil true selfless love? The cornerstone of any relationship requires large amounts of active qualities.

  • Communication – Exchange of thoughts & opinions

  • Compassion – Sorrow for the misfortunes of another

  • Fellowship – Mutual sharing of experience

  • Forgiveness – Inclined to pardon offenses

  • Honesty – Truthful, sincere and straightforward

  • Kindness – Outgoing goodwill

  • Patience – To wait & endure without complaint

  • Sacrifice – To give up

  • Trust – To commit without fear

A relationship can be defined as a connection of persons, which can be personal in nature or business related. A connection simply means that which unites. Ironically, in mathematical terms, relation is the root word for relationship. Which means ratio; any dependence of one quantity upon another. As is true in the law of math it is also true in the law of human connection. In other words, one does not get something for nothing.

The strength of a relationship between two human beings is severely dependent on giving of themselves regardless of feelings. In other words; if we regularly practice similar active qualities to the 9 just mentioned, which are; communication, compassion, fellowship, forgiveness, honesty, kindness, patience, sacrifice, and trust you will begin to increase the quality of all your relationships, guaranteed!

Allow me to break it down further; communication cannot last without fellowship, fellowship cannot last without honesty, honesty cannot last without compassion, compassion cannot last without kindness, kindness cannot last without patience, patience cannot last without sacrifice, sacrifice cannot last without trust, and trust cannot last without forgiveness. You see, a ratio; all dependent upon the other.

This type of giving of you requires large amounts of humility and strength neither of which is natural or inborn. But, if we genuinely strive to incorporate daily, healthy, active qualities in our relationships God will help with the heavy lifting. My prayer for us is that God will grant us the strength in taking the first step to realizing our relationships are not meant to be ordinary but, extraordinary.

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