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Prospect Undefined

“Thought is an inner movement, which is largely the result of one’s perception of life and his reaction to it.” - Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Les Brown, a motivational speaker, would often say “look at a man the way he is, and he will only become worse. But look at a man they way that he could be, and he will become what he should be.”

How do you define a prospect?

If you simply apply the traditional definition to the word “prospect”, you’ll know that it means: a potential buyer or customer. Being in business in any field, you should consider that anyone gains from knowing you and your business. Business is defined as: "the practice of making a living by engaging in commerce.” Placing yourself in a position to involve your expertise outweighs that of defining a person whom you will engage with. By the very process of defining your chosen field, you will place yourself in a position to be around people that require your service. Said another way, shifting your mindset and considering you are in the people business, will invariably increase your market share. Avoid the inclination of defining a prospect and make room for increased opportunity to engage in commerce. Removing perceived limitations of people will allow you to engage your knowledge and expertise and will advance your business serving the marketplace without prejudice.

The marketplace is starving for experts in their field, so define your field and spend vast amounts of time nurturing and multiplying your talents. Only then can you come to completely appreciating the marketplace by serving it to your fullest potential.

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